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4 Facts About Keyword Stuffing and SEO

What does thanksgiving and SEO have in common? Well, it’s stuffing.

First of all you need to know what key word stuffing is, in simple words, it is cramming of bunch of keywords into a piece of content to trick Google into thinking that your content is relevant for the keyword at hand.

Fact 1: Keyword stuffing can land you in trouble

Google will penalize your website if they catch you stuffing keywords. There was an old black hat technique where people would grey out or white out specific keyword text to match the background colour of their site. Well, let us tell you, Google has caught on to that. If you are doing keyword stuffing on purpose or by accident, stop! Because if you get caught, you will land in trouble.

Fact 2: Keyword density is relative

This is for some advanced users, but if you are pursuing this whole idea of 1-3% or 2-4% keyword density, you need to realise this can be hard to achieve. Remember it’s all about the amount of content that you have, which makes your keyword density always a moving target. So, just focus on your keywords and you will be good to go.

Fact 3: Keyword stuffing ruins the customer experience

This is the most important part. Keyword stuffing completely ruins the customer experience. You might be using keyword stuffing in order to appease search engines. But at the end of the day, can a search engine buy from you? Can they enter their credit card number? Can they recommend you and share you on social media? The answer is no. Therefore, always focus on the customer experience when it comes to keyword usage.

Fact 4: Strike a Balance 

Last and most importantly, you need to strike a balance when it comes to your keyword usage. Now we don’t say that you totally avoid keywords whatsoever, but you just want to make sure that it allows and enhances for users to find out what they need with your content. So make sure if you have a keyword opportunity, use it, but if it seems forced, avoid it and try something different.

Keep these facts in mind when it comes to your keyword placement, your content and all your SEO efforts.

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