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Digital Marketing For Businesses During COVID-19

We've just been under strict lockdown lockout restrictions for a couple of months now. Businesses around the world have been adversely affected by these extensive measures taken to contain the spread of coronavirus. The economic after-effects are truly unprecedented.

Need for Digital Marketing Strategy:

For almost all kinds of enterprises, this type of business risk was unanticipated and has created a crisis situation. Many businesses incurred crippling losses, while some businesses have managed to do well. Furthermore, even if economies around the world are gradually resuming their operational activities, it is anticipated that businesses are going to struggle for few more months if not for a year, to make up for their losses. Naturally, businesses have turned to digital marketing to discover new opportunities.

On the other hand, social distancing has become a new normal. Individuals are forced to spend their maximum time indoors, which inevitably has increased their tendency to spend time through online activities. The notion got proved after online streaming companies like Netflix had to reduce their streaming quality to reduce stress on their services. Also, this indoor time has permanently altered consumer behavior and spending patterns. Therefore it is imperative for companies to construct a feasible and long term digital marketing strategy.

Moreover, companies can take advantage of the current increased online consumer presence with the help of various online marketing services. In the current scenario, companies can employ digital marketing strategies such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing, and content marketing to remain visible to their prospective customers. Businesses can effectively avail of these services through SEM services Melbourne with MediaNX.

Opportunities for Businesses with First-Time Online Service Users:

A large population has never used any online services in their lifetime. Many of them became part of the online eco-system due to COVID-19 social distancing measures. A recent survey has indicated that around 14% of consumers from the total population have used grocery delivery services for the first time since the lockdown restrictions began. Furthermore, 10% of respondents have opted for restaurant delivery services for the first time, while 12% of consumers chose to order carryout from a restaurant for the first time. As first time users have no prior experience of online services, enterprises can utilize digital marketing strategies to create a memorable experience for them and thus can potentially gain customers who will remain loyal to specific brands for the long term.

Data source: Valassis

Consumer Priorities Have Changed, However, There’s a Solution:

A recent survey suggests that around 42% of consumers have reported an increase in their online shopping instances, which is a significant shift from their normal shopping behavior.  It is likely that they will continue to opt for this shopping route for months to come. Apart from increased online percentage, specific industries experienced a surge in demand. The food, healthcare, and finance industries have been experiencing an upward trend.  However, other industries can gain business by increasing the number of touch points by utilizing SEO strategies.  Organizations can capitalize on current opportunities with the help of the best SEO Agency Melbourne.

Data source: Valassis

Using Digital Marketing to Drive Sales:

Traditional brick and mortar businesses relied on customers visiting their stores or outlets. COVID-19 forced businesses to go digital and at a much faster pace than they otherwise would have.  In order to acclimatize themselves to a new digitization trend, companies build websites and tried to increase their online presence. However, setting up a website is not going to solve all their problems.

Prospective clients must be able to find you. Additionally, your businesses must be searchable, i.e., you must appear in search results when people search for products that are related or similar to the products you are offering. Digital marketing enables you to achieve just that.

Furthermore, individuals are currently spending a lot of their time on social media websites. One of the surveys suggests indicated that around 46% of consumers have altered their social media usage during this time. Social media interactions increased and have been used for information sharing. And companies must also remember that customers have shifted their spending but haven’t stopped spending completely.

Data source:Valassis

Businesses can utilize social media platforms to build brand awareness, communicate brand value, directly interact with end-users, increase their promotional reach, and boost customer retention. For the purpose, businesses can take the help of SMO services in Melbourne to boost their sales. 

Final Word:

Though digital marketing strategies work for all kinds of business whether small or big, these strategies are pathways to get your business noticed online. Enterprises must recognize that these strategies are not meant to exploit customers during these difficult times. When used correctly digital marketing techniques will surely assist organizations to successfully navigate through current challenges and will also ensure long term sustainability.

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