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Digital Marketing Trends For 2021

For businesses and marketers, their ultimate goal is to get as many customers through the door as possible. Traditional marketing and advertising ways worked perfectly fine for many enterprises until recently. Additional, businesses have been capitalizing on digital marketing opportunities as well to drive in more customers. But the year 2020 has dramatically altered consumer buying patterns and caused a complete paradigm shift.  Thus gave birth to new digital marketing trends for 2021.

global digital marketing trends

Source: Deloitte Global Marketing Trends Consumer Pulse Survey

According to a survey by Deloitte, customer’s opinion about brands changed based on how they perceived certain brands during the times of pandemic. Better perception ultimately influenced their buying decisions. Thus organizations have now realized that going digital or seeking affordable SEO services can be the most productive and cost-effective way to achieve desired marketing results.

global executives survey

Source: Deloitte Global Marketing Trends Consumer Pulse Survey

Moreover, it is believed by most industry experts that these new trends will continue to prevail in the market even after the pandemic subsides.

Following are some of the digital marketing trends for 2021:

  • Short form Videos:

Scientifically it has been proved that a normal individual has a very short attention span and can maintain his concentration for just about 10 to 12 minutes. However, videos can be a powerful medium to engage your audience and hold their attention for a substantial amount of time. Thus short-form videos have gained significant popularity during a pandemic. Its popularity is so significant that major social interactive platforms like TikTok and Snapchat implemented a major redesign. On the other hand, social media platforms such as Facebook introduced Reels feature to Instagram. Organizations redirected part of their revenues towards short form video marketing to boost their revenues. You can capitalize on this trend by engaging with an SEO company in Melbourne.

  • Shoppable Social Media Posts:

This is the newest social media trend that emerged during the times of social distancing and is definitely here to stay. During the times of social distancing,the majority of individuals opted shopping through digital mediums. Moreover, users more actively purchased items which they were able to see on short videos or IG posts. Statistics indicate that nearly 46% of Instagram users purchased products that were sponsored to them through IG posts. Thus businesses can creatively use this opportunity to create awareness and demand for their products.

  • Automated Google Ads Bidding:

Automated Google Ads have long been in existence. However, this strategy is likely to gain much more popularity in 2021. Many organizations till date opted for manually tweaking Google Ads. Nevertheless, you can always take assistance from SEM agency in Melbourne to achieve desired results.

  • Use of Automation in Marketing:

Digital marketing techniques are evolving and automation has become an essential step toward a new future. With multipletouchpoints through various platforms, the client journey has become complex. Thus tracking progress and predicting outcome needs an automated process. Organizations are using automation platform to attract new clients, to generate customized content, achieve the better conversion of leads and track results. Additionally, many global businesses have witnessed the rise of AI, the digital marketing industry has not been an exception. AI solutions despite being at the primitive stage are gathering a significant amount of data and generating reports based on the gathered information. These reports are helping organizations make well-informed decision to boost their revenues.

  • Personalized Marketing:

Though consumers today are highly concerned about data privacy, they tend to prefer personalized marketing content instead of generic content.  Therefore in 2021, businesses will be required to produce more personalized and original content in order to distinguish themselves from their competitors.  Such customized content can be produced after businesses understand customer preferences, interest and buying behaviour. Nevertheless, changing privacy laws, rules and regulations will definitely determine the future of this trend.

  • Visual Search or Image Search:

Google’s pioneering image recognition AI algorithm is changing the way we searched. The algorithm allows users to carry out Google search with images or videos. For example, you can upload a picture of a flower to use it as a search and Google will find out its species etc. This feature has opened doors for endless new possibilities.

  • Importance of Keeping Up With These New Trends:

SEO tools are ever-evolving and have become a must-have skill. Having a better understanding of SEO strategies can make or break your business in today’s competitive world. Thus many of the small businesses have unskilled their workforce in SEO and analytics areas. However, there are some great SEM services in Melbourne that will help you in your digital pursuit.
Most importantly SEO strategies can save organizations a lot of their money while yielding a high ROI. These techniques are comparatively cheaper than traditional marketing ways. Through digital marketing, businesses can reach a much wider audience within no time.


Digital marketing has become a boon for almost all those firms who have struggled to reach new customers and maintain existing ones.The pandemic has re-emphasized the importance of having a sound digital marketing strategy. Thus, by implementing these new marketing strategies, businesses will reap substantial rewards.

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