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Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Marketing is an inseparable part of any successful business. It's not only about entering the right market or having a high-quality product. Both these aspects definitely make a huge difference. However, businesses have to leverage various other marketing techniques to create awareness and reach a much wider audience. Though traditional marketing techniques still have the bigger share of an organization’s marketing efforts, no business can afford to ignore digital marketing strategies today. Nevertheless, both ways of marketing have their own unique advantages.

Traditional marketing:

Traditional marketing techniques have also evolved as time has passed. As marketing involves all those activities which allow companies to maintain a relationship with their customers, businesses have started to innovate with their marketing ways. However, the fundamentals of traditional marketing have not changed much. Businesses still have to consider the four P’s – product, price, place, and promotion. Marketing is referred to as traditional if it includes marketing through channels other than online advertising. These channels are mainly categorized into general advertisements, customer relationships, and prospective leads generating communication.

  • Print media such as newspaper, magazines are some of the most commonly used channels in traditional marketing.
  • Broadcast advertisements such as Television and Radio
  • Billboards and fliers
  • Brand activation strategies such as kiosks and events
  • Door to door sales activities
  • Telemarketing (telephone)
  • Sending direct mail

The biggest advantage of traditional marketing is that it allows businesses to connect with a larger audience. Reaching a larger audience increase chances for businesses to attract more leads. Additionally, traditional marketing is most effective in creating brand awareness.

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing refers to the marketing activities performed through internet media. It involves social media advertisements, blogs, YouTube videos, email marketing, clickbait URLs, and much more. Digital marketing techniques involve leveraging online tools to spread awareness about brands and attract more leads. As these techniques require much lesser funds as compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing strategies are becoming more and more popular with businesses around the globe.

Data showed that around 85% of the eligible (age 13+) Australians have active social media accounts. While the internet has around 88% of penetration in Australia. Hence it indicates that digital marketing can be effectively used to promote your business in Australia.



Furthermore, digital marketing techniques are rapidly evolving with each passing day, with the technological advancements driving the change. Some of the digital marketing techniques involve:

  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email marketing
  • SEM services

Digital marketing techniques are focused on attracting the relevant audience that is more likely to buy your products or services. Thus these campaigns are specifically tailored based on your business's target audience.

Thus it enables businesses to obtain data and analyze it in real-time, which allows them to make well-informed decisions and quickly adjust their marketing campaigns when necessary. This ability to gather, analyze and manage data make digital marketing more effective.

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Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Interactive Communication:

One of the key differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing is that you can get an immediate response from your target audience across digital media. Whereas it is difficult to gauge the responses of the audience by traditional marketing channels such as newspapers and magazines. On the other hand, a traditional method such as telemarketing does give an option to interact with the customer, but it is utilized more as a sales medium than that as an advertising medium.

Additionally, digital mediums allow you to create more close connection with your audience. You can build an interactive website to engage your audience online with the help services available for website design Melbourne. Additionally, digital tools enable you to build online communities of like-minded individuals and spread the word about your product or service more quickly.

Outreach vs. Attract

Traditional marketing techniques heavily rely on reaching a wider audience and making an impact every time the advertisement is displayed. Thus this approach enables businesses to go after their audience, whether relevant or irrelevant.

On the other hand, digital marketing efforts are more focused and are targeted towards attracting a relevant audience. You can employ affordable SEO services that will contribute to your marketing strategies. The digital approach helps organizations to build a long-term relationships with their customers and enables two-way communication.

Control Over the Outcome:

The performance of traditional marketing channels is difficult to measure and track. For example, it is difficult to track how many individuals have watched your brand’s advertisement on TV at the time of the telecast. Also, an organization may not able to find out whether the decision to purchase a product was due to a stimulus provided by your advertisement.

Nevertheless, obtaining this data is not impossible. But it is definitely a long shot and may require a significant time span.

Meanwhile, digital marketing campaigns are often well structured and it is easier to track the progress of your campaign through some key performance indicators. Thus it allows your business to identify prospective leads and gain new clients.


The key reason why businesses are readily opting for digital marketing is that it empowers organizations to focus on marketing channels that provide you best results. Traditional marketing channels require huge investment but neither guarantees you conversion nor allows you to assess the extent of engagement.

Though in both ways, costs are relatively equivalent. But with digital marketing, it is possible to attract quality leads with relatively less spending.

Can You Utilize Them Together?

It is a much-debated question among experts. However, both strategies are here to stay, as they have their own unique advantages. Organizations can effectively combine both strategies or choose any one technique to achieve the desired outcome.

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