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How To Increase Brand Awareness and Visibility in 2021

Brand awareness and visibility are crucial for any business, whether an established business or a startup. As customers are getting adapting themselves to the new normal and spending a lot of everyday time online, it has become even more important for businesses to create brand awareness. Every company that has become a global conglomerate was initially unknown. Nevertheless, their brand awareness and visibility activities helped in driving their business forward and become a household name. Businesses can take help from professionals of social media marketing in Melbourne to boost their efforts.

What is Brand Awareness?

A famous quote by Austrian art director Amir Kassaei says a brand is not a product or a promise or a feeling. It’s the sum of all experiences you have with a company. As the quote says, a brand is more than just a product or a service. Thus businesses must communicate all these aspects with the customers in order to build more personal connections with the customers.

Thus Brand awareness means how familiar your target audience is with the business including products/services.

Different levels of brand awareness include;

  • Brand Name Awareness
  • Product/Service Awareness
  • Awareness About Brand Attributes

On the other hand, Brand visibility is the impression your customers have when they witness your products. Brand visibility strategies have the ability to formulate or transform customers’ existing perceptions of products. Thus brand visibility is considered as one of the aspects of brand perception in the associative memory model. The higher value of brand visibility is considered as better recognition among the customers and vice versa. Businesses can take advantage of affordable SEO services to boost their search engine ranking, but established brands may not need it.

But how to increase brand awareness and visibility in 2021? Following ways will definitely help businesses with their goal.

  • Develop a Strong Presence in the Market

According to a survey, around 64% of consumers would choose to buy a product or boycott it completely solely based on the brand’s stand on social or political issues. This means a business needs to communicate what they stand for and be consistent across all customer touchpoints with the message they are conveying to their customers. Moreover, the same should reflect in their product offerings as well. One of the best ways to reinforce a brand’s stand is with the help of content sharing such as articles, blogs, etc.

  • Create an Exceptional Brand Identity

In order to create a unique brand identity, businesses need to understand the right communication language of their target audience, visual stimulations such as brand logo, theme, brand-specific colors, distinct design, and also uniquely identifiable music/sound. These elements create an image in customers' minds about a specific brand and help in stimulating customers on an emotional level.

The key here is to maintain consistency across all communication mediums. According to a survey, consistent presentation of a brand across all mediums observed to have increased business revenue by around 33%. Businesses can invest in social media marketing techniques, promotional activities that include visual content sharing, and paid online as well as offline advertisements to maintain consistency.

  • Work with Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers usually have millions of dedicated followers on various social media platforms. Additionally, these followers often engage with online content produced by influencers due to their expertise in specific fields, creativity, or simply entertainment. Nevertheless, brands can collaborate with these influencers and can effectively promote brands on various social media platforms. It is one of the easiest ways to reach a large audience with minimum effort.

  • Increase Focus on Content Marketing

According to research, 79% of the individuals indicated that unique and user-generated content has significantly influenced their buying decision. Thus generating unique, insightful content can prove to be crucial for better customer engagement. Additionally, businesses can improve Google search ranking by sharing engaging content and also benefit from quality backlinks.

If you as an entrepreneur is unable to produce unique content, you can always welcome guest article from experts in your field of operations. Moreover, professional SEM services can help businesses in achieving their content marketing goals.

Content sharing is not confined to written form. Businesses can produce content that is in the form of infographics, videos or podcasts, etc. While written content like blogs and downloadable articles are perhaps the easiest to produce, they are far from the only choice.

Also, there is virtually no limit on where you can publish your content. Apart from their own websites, enterprises can publish brand promotion content by guest posting on other platforms.

  • Sponsoring an Event

Providing sponsorship to an event is considered a traditional marketing technique. Almost every individual is aware of this technique and surely has seen these brand efforts in various events. Nevertheless, it is a proven technique. Sponsoring is a way to highlight your brand in front of millions of people.  Also, it is the best way to reinforce brand image and what the brand associates to in your customer’s mind.


Brand awareness and visibility techniques are effective ways to improve a brand’s overall marketing efforts. Above mentioned methods will definitely help you to boost customer engagement and also gain more customers.

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