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Is it Time for a Website Makeover?

Have you been wondering if your website needs a makeover? Probably yes, if any of the below mentioned points apply to your website.


Not Mobile Friendly
According to a study, a large percentage of internet users access websites through mobile devices. Imagine a user opens your website on their phone and the images won’t load, the content isn’t formatted correctly, and the links are hard to click. You may lose out on a potential customer/client. From a business point of view, websites need to be as user-friendly for mobile users.

Design is Outdated
It only takes only few seconds for your website to make a bad impression on a potential customer. If your website looks like it belongs in the pre-historic era of the Internet, you could be ushering potential clients right into the hands of your competitors without even knowing it.

It’s Sluggish
A website that takes an extended time to load will only cause your visitors to become frustrated, and coax them to leave. Load times are affected by several factors. A major determining factor is how much you add to each page. While text tends to load fairly quickly, images take a bit longer, and videos take the longest of all.

Lacks Social Media and Blog

If you haven’t secured an online social presence, you’re missing endless opportunities to interact with your customers. Make sure your blog in place and all your social handles are easy to find on your website. Not having any social icons or a blog tab floating on your homepage, is a clear sign that it’s time for a website update!

Still on Flash
If your website still runs on Flash software, your website has been outdated since a long time! You should know that search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing cannot read flash, which denotes it’s awful for SEO. Moreover, users have to install a plug-in to see it, which can give a bad user experience. Get rid of Flash now!

If any of the above points apply to you, then you should be seriously considering a website makeover. We can help! Media NX can give you the best services in Website Design, Web Development, Mobile App Development and Online Marketing that includes, SEO, SMO, and SEMContact us now!

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