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This is Why Visitors Leave Your Website

Your website visitors leave too soon even though you are posting something interesting on your website. You make sure that images are polished, the overall website design is professional and you’re expecting to get a lot of traffic to your website. However, you realise that most of the visitors are not converting into leads or customers at all.

What could be the reason for that? This is quite common and this is something a lot of bloggers and web marketers have to deal with. Unfortunately, converting visitors isn’t as simple as building your website and waiting for them to come.

Instead, it’s more like learning how to capture conversion with the use of unique combinations to solve your problem. Let’s begin by discussing some of the reasons why your website visitors leave too soon.

Outdated design

Truth be told, most of your website visitors judge a book by its cover. Based on a study, 90 percent of website visitors pay a lot of attention to a website design. This is the reason why designs matter and if you’re still keeping an outdated design, better give it a professional makeover now.

Outdated plug-ins

If the website’s sales content is varied in flash files, chances are you’ll be left waiting for a long time for users who don’t have the time or knowledge to install updated versions of outdated plug-ins. HTML files would be the best option for animations and videos. This would give a better experience to users.

Too many Ads

Just because you need to have ads, it doesn’t mean you should be placing them everywhere. According to a 2014 survey, most internet users trust traditional advertising, such as magazine, newspaper, radio, bill boards more than they trust online ads considering the fact that trust is a vital component to drive in those conversions. It is wise to limit the number of ads and the location where they are placed. Remember, ads shouldn’t be the first thing to welcome your visitors on the website.

Content is difficult to read

A website’s design is more than colours, graphics and images. The font, colour of the text and background are also important aspects to determine how easily people can read the information being posted on your website. If it’s difficult for them to read the content then don’t expect those visitors to convert into customers.

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